Roof Repairs and Painting

Maintaining the roof of your house will protect both its exterior appearance and structural integrity for years to come.

Ensuring it is watertight and free of moss and mould can prevent serious future problems of rotting timber, roof sag and tile erosion. 


We provide the following services:

  • General painting of tile and iron roofing

  • Replacement of cracked and broken roof tiles

  • Repointing of the tile joins on ridge cappings

  • Sealing any other areas with silicone as required

  • Removal and disposal of old TV aerials

  • Rust repairs, if the rust is very bad we can also replace the corrugated iron sheets as required

  • If you have a leaking roof, let us take a look at it  and if the problem is out of our league we will organise someone to take care of  it and we'll handle the painting work afterwards

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